Wind Turbine Installation Completed at Brenton, Nova Scotia

11 Jul 2016 8:49 AM | Anonymous

Last week saw the final lift of components to complete the erection of the community scale turbine at Brenton near Lake George. Work continues during the next few weeks, as the internal wiring and connection to the grid will be accomplished in advance of commissioning by Nova Scotia Power. When the blades start turning, they will produce enough electricity to power the equivalent of approximately 700 Nova Scotian homes.

This 1.99 MW turbine is one of four projects that will be installed by SWEB Development Inc with Scotian Wind in 2016. The others are currently in varying phases of construction at Baddeck, Hardwood Lands, and Walton. The 2016 projects  total 11.68 MW, bringing Scotian Wind’s current fleet  to 39.63 MW of total capacity.

“We are especially pleased to see this project at Brenton near completion, as it is our third in Yarmouth County. The other two projects near Little River Harbour in Arcadia have proved to be very successful producers of energy and have delivered several thousand dollars to  communities in this region through our popular Community Dividend program,” Scotian Wind President Terry Norman declared.

All energy generated by this turbine in Brenton will be consumed locally as it is connected directly to the local electrical distribution network and its size is based on the electricity demand of the community.

The turbine stands 145 metres tall at its highest tip. The blades are 100 metres in diameter. The tower is 95metres. It will generate enough electricity to avoid approximately 5,167 tonnes of greenhouse gas emissions per year.

“The successful installation of the Brenton project comes after years of planning in coordination with the local council, provincial government, and local residents. We are happy to see all four 2016 projects by Scotian Wind proceeding on schedule because of local support and efficient coordination by our partners and stakeholders locally and throughout Nova Scotia” said SWEB Development Chief Operating Officer Dan Roscoe. 

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